Lake Eola, Orlando, FL

Local devs.

Metro Devs is a mobile application, web development, and digital consulting firm based in Central Florida. We specialize in serving startups, non-profits, and small businesses with custom solutions -- whether the need is business strategy, team management, back-office or consumer-facing.

Our team of professionals are sourced from the Central Florida area. You will work personally with the team members doing the work on your project. We believe in buiding personal relationships with our customers, growing the local economy, and supporting the greater Orlando tech community.

Our Team

Jason Byrne Jason Byrne, Owner & Chief Architect

Metro Devs is led by Jason Byrne, a tech industry veteran with over 25 years of experience building websites, applications, and system architecture (on-prem and cloud-based). Jason has served as Chief Technology Officer for a company with hundreds of millions in revenue. He has built applications that have scaled to millions of daily active users. He has started and successfully exited companies. Jason has been through multiple rounds of venture capital funding, acquisitions, mergers, and integrations.

Jeremy Hutchcraft Jeremy Hutchcraft, Development Lead

Jeremy is a very talented engineer, who stepped up into a leadership role for us. He can easily go full-stack, but he's happiest when we let him run with the front end. Hutch has a keen eye for UX design and well-architected component systems.

Jose Velazquez Jose Velazquez, Back End Developer

Jose can go full stack, but he loves working on backend projects like API endpoints and database management. He has experience with a number of frameworks and datbase engines. He has worked extensively in payments and fintech.

Our Promise

Trust is our highest virtue. Reputation is our most precious asset. We are committed to creating value for your business. We won't push to sell you a product or service that you don't need. If Metro Devs is the right agency to achieve your goals, we'll proudly serve you. If it's not in our wheelhouse, we'll refer you to another Central Florida company that is a better fit.